Vision / Mission / Values


To achieve a sustainable business, generating superior returns by expanding our role as a leader in the electrical construction industry, and striving to ensure all stakeholders’ satisfaction.


To be sub-Saharan Africa’s leading supplier of high voltage turnkey electrical infrastructure including substations, transmission lines, renewable energy solutions (wind and solar farms) and related products; and in addition, to gain a strategic foothold in the Middle East.


To ensure that our customers receive a level of service which would positively contribute to the socio-economic development of the country or region in which we are operating by:

  • being customer-centric, focusing on complete turnkey solutions;
  • supplying the right products and services at a competitive market-related price  and conforming to the quality standards expected from us.

Core Values

Core values are guiding principles that dictate behaviour and action. They are the underlying competencies which make companies run smoothly. Core values assist in identifying right from wrong. An organisation’s core values help it to define what the company stands for, and in so doing, enable it to determine how best to serve its customers.

What are CONCO’s values?

The central focus of our organisation is our CUSTOMER. We provide sound products and first class service for our customers and always work with their interests in mind. To learn all about our Core Values, click on the infographic.